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GUT Well 2023
We specialize in supporting GI, Autoimmune, & inflammatory conditions including; diabetes, metabolic syndrome, IBS/IBD, allergies & food sensitivities, Histamine Intolerance/HIT/MCAS, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, cancer, weight loss resistance, and more...

Healing begins in the GUT

Kameo Snyder
Kameo Snyder MPH, RDN, LDN
Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Are you tired of bouncing from provider to provider without finding relief from unusual symptoms, stomach pain, and
digestive discomfort?

Do you have unresolved 
symptoms and/or weight resistance with no answers or dietary treatment? 

Are you ready to take your
health & life back?
Cookin' Up Fitness offers a revolutionary approach to optimizing health.
We begin by focusing on the 3-D's - Diet, Drainage, Detoxification.
Addressing the 3-Ds first prepares the body for the release of toxic substances that accumulate in cells, tissues, and organs that drive disease and prevent healing. Next, we address the root cause of dysfunction, implement corrections, and restore you back to health using various modalities that optimize metabolism, shut down inflammation, correct motility, reduce physical stress, and re-establish balance so you can THRIVE again!
What are the MAJOR Drivers of
Dysfunction & Disease?

Parasites/Lyme/Bacterial Dysbiosis
Blood Sugar Imbalance
Dead Bacteria


Working with Kameo these past three months has helped me to finally battle the root causes of my long-term stomach pain. Kameo has a wealth of knowledge about diet and nutrition, and can share that knowledge in a way that is comprehensible. Her recommendations are effective and easy to implement. She concerns herself with her patients’ overall well-being and is driven to find the underlying causes of their malaise, rather than just addressing the symptoms. I am grateful to have found Kameo!

KS (Virginia Beach, VA)

Working together, we'll address weight resistance, chronic fatigue, brain fog, stomach pain, IBS/IBD, anxiety, depression, food sensivities, hypothyroidism, joint pain, inflammation and more...

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Virginia Beach, VA

Tel: 707.372.2387

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