Step 1: Let's Talk

Step 2: Let's Treat

Step 3: Let's EAT!                           

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Here's a glimpse!

FIRST, we'll begin your journey with a Comprehensive Evaluation & Nutritional Matrix Map that builds the framework of your wellness plan and discuss our findings and recommendations. This may include functional testing (if warranted) to uncover nutritional deficiencies, metabolic dysfunctions, microbial imbalances, nutrigenomic testing, and inflammatory status.


NEXT, we'll collaborate on a treatment plan that's right for you which will include food and lifestyle coaching . During these sessions we'll work toward removing inflammatory foods and chemicals, restoring gut health, and correcting nutrient deficiencies. We'll set-up a FIT Kitchen, build recipes from the Whole Food FARMacy, & get Easy-Scratch® Cookin' in the kitchen! 


OUR GOAL is to provide you global support so that you can meet your individualized wellness goals! We'll peel back the layers of health dysfunction by learning and understanding your unique story before we collaborate on a wellness plan that tackles the root cause of your symptoms rather than matching a food plan to a diagnosis or disease.

Affordable pricing and payment plans because everyone deserves the chance to get well and feel great again!

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