Heal Your Body

with REAL Food

We'll teach you how

Do you suffer from IBS/IBD, Constipation, GERD, SIBO,
Food Sensitivities, Slowed Metabolism, Weight Loss Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Autoimmune Disorder, Arthritis, Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue,
Inflammation or Pain?

It's time to STOP suffering & START healing!​

Let's work together!

We have a clinically valid solution to Restore Health that works!

Diet, lifestyle, the environment, and aging have the power to deplete nutrients & disrupt the gut microbiome... all of which regulate our genes, impact our health and risk for disease.

Hi, I'm Kameo Snyder,

I'm a Registered Dietitian &

Functional Nutritionist. 

Working together we'll leave no stone unturned to customize a plan that is right for you so you can THRIVE again! 

 We'll detect nutrient deficiencies, uncover microbial imbalances, and look at your genetic profile. Then we'll build a custom plan specific to your body and its restorative needs.

Learn about the Pillars of GI Health

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3 Simple Steps that will TRANSFORM your Life

Step 1: We Talk: We offer a FREE breakthrough strategy session to learn about you, your unique health challenges, goals, & aspirations.

We spend time getting to know YOU first! 

Step 2: We Treat: We conduct a full nutritional assessment and map out your health history, outlining all of the potential causes/triggers of your symptoms and discomfort. Next we discuss our findings with you and recommend corrective therapies. This may include medicinal  foods/diet therapy, nutraceuticals, or testing to detect nutrient deficiencies, assess protein and omega 3 status, evaluate digestive function, inflammatory status, and nutrigenomics. Then we'll create a treatment plan that's designed just for you. 

Step 3: We EAT: We help you create a diverse and delicious diet. We'll help you transition foods to meet your nutrient needs, taste preferences, and health goals. We provide guidance on cookware, quick cooking essentials and provide simple recipes and coaching support to guide your complete health transformation. 

Working with Kameo these past three months has helped me to finally battle the root causes of my long-term stomach pain. Kameo has a wealth of knowledge about diet and nutrition, and can share that knowledge in a way that is comprehensible. Her recommendations are effective and easy to implement. She concerns herself with her patients’ overall well-being and is driven to find the underlying causes of their malaise, rather than just addressing the symptoms. I am grateful to have found Kameo!

KS (Virginia Beach, VA)


We put the FUN in FORKthe HAPPY in HEALTHY

Eating delicious Easy-Scratch® Meals! 

Whole Clean

FIT Foods

5 Ingredient

EASY Recipes


in 15 Minutes 

or less!

Whole food cookin' made simple & delicious!

It's fast & fun so that you can restore health enjoying

tasty foods with little effort! 

Invest in tomorrow and get Food FIT today! 
“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."
-Thomas Edison

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