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What is a Food FEST?

A food fitness party! We generate energy, build excitement & have FUN learning Easy-Scratch®

Yummy-Fast-FIT & consuming delicious healthy foods.

We illustrate how to incorporate health promoting, brain boosting, & energy producing foods into daily routines in simple, fun, time saving & financially feasible way.

We work with families, social networks, schools, fitness centers, corporations, communities,

& health care teams

Let's Get the Party Started!

Select a Setting

Mini Food FESTS

45 to 60 minute sessions

Rates vary based on event

Group Lunch & Learn Bash

60 to 75 minute session

Rates vary based on event

Wellness Adventure

1/2 Day

Full Day


Rates vary based on event

Launch an Easy-Scratch® 

Food Contest

Pick a Theme

Brain Booster FEST

Celebrate functional foods that enhance cognitive awareness, improve mood & stimulate energy


Fitness FEST

Maximize physical fitness eating high quality, high performance, anti-inflammatory foods


Wellness FEST

Celebrate colorful whole foods which stabilize blood sugar, improve cardiovascular function, reduce weight & protect health.  

Sprouting Party/Farmer Market Tour


Choose your own theme!

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