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3-D's Diet, Drainage, Detox
  • Diet is the first critical step in the restoration process. Removing sugar, toxins, and chemicals helps the body prepare for drainage and detoxification processes. 
  • Drainage refers to stimulating key organs that transport and excrete toxins: liver, kidney, and lymphatic system to prepare the body for proper removal.
  • Detoxification” or “detox” refers to removing toxins from the tissues; from there the toxins enter the lymphatic system, and go to the liver for processing. Drainage must always precede detoxification. If you do detox first, the liver becomes overloaded, and you may feel more sick.
Our Registered Dietitian, Functional Nutritionist 
Specialize in GI, Autoimmune, & Inflammatory Conditions including; diabetes, metabolic syndrome, IBS/IBD, allergies & food sensitivities, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, weight loss resistance, and more...

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