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As your food fitness coach, we'll form a partnership and treat your health and performance goals as if they are our own. We’ll work side by side to develop strategies and defined steps necessary to help you achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals. Think of having us in your “back pocket” at all times.

You can reach out with questions, clarifications or just to

celebrate & share your successes. 

Health FIT Focus

Health FIT coaching emphasizes foods that restore, revitalize & protect health. You’ll taste, touch & experience foods which support weight management, optimize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, increase GI fitness, shorten recovery, restore health & reduce the risk for developing certain diseases. We accommodate ALL therapeutic diets, food intolerance's  & allergies. 

Sport FIT Focus

Sport FIT coaching emphasizes foods that enhance utilization of food as fuel, boost metabolic rate to support weight management, and enhance daily energy expenditure to  support personal fitness goals.

Our Easy-Scratch® fueling system teaches

athletes how to prepare & consume

delicious-energizing foods

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