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What makes us different?

At Cookin' up Fitness we understand every client comes with a unique story and life experiences. Our goal is to partner with you to create the path to wellness that is tailored specifically to you. 


Our approach is one that emphasizes whole body healing through functional restoration of the microbiome. We map your symptoms to identify the underlying root cause driving dysfunction. This allows us to see the "big picture" and pinpoint the major driving forces that are causing your discomfort so that we can construct a custom plan to correct clinical imbalances so that you can THRIVE again.  

What is Functional Restoration?

Functional restoration is a holistic approach that considers the body as one system rather than different parts. While it’s common in Western Medicine to treat gut issues in isolation, a functional medicine approach addresses biochemical, microbial, and gentic dysfunctions in the body and works to correct them.  

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Virginia Beach, VA

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