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Functional Medicine Testing

In traditional medicine, a doctor diagnoses your disease and prescribes a pill for you – a pill you might take for the rest of your life never correcting the root cause of the problem. As a functional medicine practitioner/nutritionist, I ask Why? Why do you have symptoms, how long have you had them, what is their association to your illness or disease, and what is the physiological source, driver, or cause of the problem? 


To uncover the cause, functional medicine practioners use advanced testing methods to identify which of your pathways aren’t functioning correctly to create a roadmap to treat you more effectively and remove the driver of your pain. Our patient-centered approach looks at you as a whole, not simply as an isolated set of symptoms but as a person who is suffering and wants to uncover the REAL cause of your pain.  A tool functional medicine practioners use is specialized testing. 


We provide a large range of

functional medicine tests to

support your wellness goals.

Click on the link below to review

all available test options. Should 

you decide to order a test kit, 

simply follow instructions in the

link shown below. When the

results come in we will set up a

session to review results and begin

the treatment process. 

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