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a food fit environment that serves as a permanent reminder of nutritional wellness

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Cookin’ up Fitness  is your nutrition training partner.

Nutrition is central to physical and mental wellness which is why our nutrition & culinary team of experts have developed SportFi†t, HealthFit, FoodFi†t,& MindFi†t training programs.

Our 4-C Nutrition Fitness Philosophy

Cultivates a food fit environment that serves as a permanent reminder of nutritional wellness 

Coaches dietary transformations which support lifelong nutritionally fit lifestyles

Cooks healthy, safe, delicious food using simple & easy culinary applications

Connects food fit friends to the resources needed to embrace & sustain a lifelong commitment

to health

We do NOT pursue the latest trend, offer a one size fits all program nor sell you fake food. We offer current facts and truth behind food to guide members toward nutritious food choices


Our programs provide a hands-on instructional guide to support athletes in customizing their nutritional needs in support of individualized athletic goals.


Our programs prevent disease & restore health through nutritional training and culinary applications that are specifically designed to manage prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure & obesity.


Our programs create a food fit lifestyle while enhancing culinary skill to produce food that boosts energy, reduces fatigue, supports health and prevents disease.


Our programs provide specific nutrition strategies to maximize brain health & fitness, enhance cognitive functioning, heighten intellectual sharpness & improve mood.

Food is ...

balance, contentment, relaxation, peace, comfort & joy…

dynamic, active, powerful, active, vigorous, fit & instrumental…

organic, natural, effortless, whole, fresh, colorful, & robust..

simple, honest, hearty, easy, nourishing & delicious…

lively, playful, fun, inspiring, appealing & spirited…

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