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"Working together, we'll address weight resistance, chronic fatigue, brain fog, stomach pain, IBS/IBD, anxiety, depression, food sensivities, hypothyroidism, joint pain, inflammation and more..."

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect

working together!

FIRST, we set up a FREE strategy call so I can learn about you, your specific health challenges, and discuss how I may support you. Next, you'll complete forms and questionnaires online which allows us to develope a care plan. Your first paid session will be a 60 to 75 minute consultation to discuss findings, treatment recommendations, and build the framework of your wellness plan. This may include functional testing (if warranted) to uncover nutritional deficiencies, metabolic dysfunctions, microbial imbalances, and/or nutrigenomic testing. Last, we begin working through the 3-D's - Diet, Drainage, Detoxification prior to moving through removal, restoration, and the rebalancing process to restore your back to health.

It's a system that works!

weight loss
Kameo Snyder

"I'm passionate about finding unique solutions to all kinds of health problems. As an RDN, I can prescribe nutraceuticals if warranted, order advanced labs, analyze the results, and perform muscle testing. As a trained functional medicine practitioner, I explore all interventions to help you achieve your wellness goals.


At Cookin' Up Fitness, we go beyond the traditional to tranform your life!" 

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