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Swimming upstream...

Shaping new food habits is FUN right? Then why does it appear to be so much work! Maybe it’s the extra time and effort required to read food labels, ingredient lists, or to decipher the meaning of terms such as sugar free, no added sugar, organic, GMO, MSG, GRAS, high fiber, heart healthy, or low fat. Possibly it’s due to prepping, cooking or simply trying new, odd, unfamiliar, and sometimes strange flavors & textures. No matter what the reason may be, shifting food habits can feel a bit like swimming upstream!

A FoodFIT life isn't always easy!

Navigating through 30 plus aisles of the grocery store can certainly be a maddening task. There are typically 7 to 10 different brands of the same food item making selection a challenging chore. Every package has a tantalizing picture, advertisement, or symbol tailored to lure the consumer to place it in their basket. Which is the best? Who can you trust? Confusing messages, strange foods, extra time/effort/dollars, no wonder old habits die hard and the same old foods keep coming back.

While these points are most certainly valid, do not let them prevent you from dipping your toes into unknown yet FRUITFUL “food” waters. Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease are only a few of the many chronic illness directly impacted by what we eat. While the initial food transformation may require a bit of mental muscle, staying good-bye to aches and pains and hello to a Food FIT life is guaranteed to reveal the rainbow of lifelong health. At first you may hardly notice the change in stamina, daily movement, or the mental shift however, with each passing day and new food bite, your health is restored and worries drift away. The reward of health is much grander than one could ever foresee, for each bite we take truly makes a difference and stepping into a Food FITNESS journey is the only way you’ll ever see.

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