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Welcome to WeightFIT! The focus of our WeightFIT program is to develop a healthy & balanced relationship with food. This is accomplished by applying a simple rule we call the Q2F principle. The Q2F principle necessitates that the quantity of food consumed is balanced by the quality of fuel supplied and the frequency of intake. When the Q2F principle is in balance, weight is stabilized, food stress is eliminated, and weight is successfully managed. The Q2F principle is coached correspondingly with the following philosophy;

Food is friendship, balance, contentment, caring, relaxation, peace, comfort & joy…

Cooking is organic, natural, fresh, fun, colorful, hearty, flavorful, stress-free & delicious…

Health is comfort, strength, security, happiness, valuable, fitness, energy, robust, & essential…

We coach the implementation of this philosophy through our Q2F training process. Our approach is action oriented, encouraging, flexible, and personalized. The program is delivered over 6 blocks to allow time for dietary transition and culinary application. Upon completion of the program, participants feel successful & empowered having a strategic and skilled approach to managing food and fueling health.  

Program Objectives

  • Learn how to apply Q2F principles to food portions, selection, preparation & fueling

  • Gain knowledge in the selection of high quality foods which support weight reduction

  • Build a fueling plan that supports your food preferences and weight loss goals

  • Create, prepare & cook delicious, healthy and balanced meals

  • Block 1: Ready, set… Q2F go!

  • Block 2: Quantity Appraisal

  • Block 3: Quality Survey

  • Block 4: Frequency Training

  • Block 5: WeightFIT Fueling Plan

  • Block 6: WeightFIT Cookin’

Program includes 2 Coach CONNECT sessions

Weekly Summary

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