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Benefits of Working with an Anti-Inflammatory Nutritionist

An anti-inflammatory nutritionist is a specialized healthcare professional who focuses on helping their clients manage inflammation through detox, diet, and lifestyle changes. An anti-inflammatory nutritionist believes in the power of healing through detox, drainage, and dietary modifications. We understanding that toxins sideline health and that foods can have an inflammatory response or an anti-inflammatory effect. The goal of an anti-inflammatory nutritionist is to work with their clients to minimize inflammation and optimize health through detox and whole food nutrition.


Toxins can lead to increased inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. 

The toxins themselves are pro-inflammatory and create stress on your internal tissues and organs. Chronic exposure to toxic substances adds to the body’s ‘toxic inflammatory burden’. While your body is designed to fight these foreign invaders via stored anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals, overtime the system runs out of steam and begins to break down. The benefits to working with an anti-inflammatory nutritionist are numerous.


At Cookin' Up fitness, we take a whole body approach to reducing inflammation by focusing on the emotional and physical toxins in the body that are driving internal chaos and restoring health balance. We understand the importance of having an expert anti-inflammatory nutritionist on your side. Our team of experienced providers are dedicated to helping you find the right tools to optimize your health and reduce inflammation. We provide individualized meal plans for those looking to improve their health through anti-inflammatory eating habits. Additionally, our nutritionists are available to answer any questions you may have about ingredients and recipes. Here at Cookin' Up Fitness, we are dedicated to  helping you get on the path to better health, so you can be sure to get the support and guidance necessary for a successful anti-inflammatory diet. Let us help you lead a healthier lifestyle today!

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