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We have a revolutionary system to healing that works !

Step 2: Cellular Reboot Program

The Cellular Reboot program was created with the intension to bring oneness in mind, body, and spirit. As with the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – three in one, we employ the same method to the healing process. We believe TRUE healing necessitates the unity of mind, body, and spirit. The cellular focus of this program helps us to understand you as Gods creation, HIS hand in every cell of your being, your purpose in life, and how they work collectively to produce fruit. 
The Trinity Approach
  1. Brain Reboot – Seeing the hand of God in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and emotions; An in-depth evaluation of our thinking and the root cause(s) of self-limiting beliefs.  

  2. Body Reboot – Understanding the God molecule (DNA), the importance of removing toxins and rebooting nutrition and physical movement; A comprehensive examination of the toxic burden, the 3 D’s - diet, drainage, detoxification processes, autophagy, fasting and more…

  3. Spiritual Reboot – Recharging every cell with the Spirit of God; A thoughtful examination of Gods plan evidenced through Jesus Christ, matured in us through the holy spirit, revealed in the Fruit of the Spirit, and sanctified over a lifetime.

The Cellular Reboot Program includes:
  • Trinity Lifestyle Coaching 
  • Detox diet plan & Food lists customized to you
  • Easy to prepare recipes 
  • Metabolomix + Total Toxin Burden Testing
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan
  • 3-D Support for Mitochondria, Immune & Drainage Systems
  • Biofilm Removal , Stomach Acid Restoration, & Antimicrobial/Antifungal Treatments
  • Personalized Binders & Detox Support and more....
This Program WILL change your life!

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