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We have a revolutionary system to healing that works !

Step 2: Roadmap to Resilient Health Program

The second step in the Roadmap to Resilient Health goes straight to the heart of removing toxic debris (both internal and external) so you can lose weight, correct gut imbalances, have a clear mind, more energy, sleep better, feel less stress/anxiety, and feel JOY!  The support provided and lengh of program is dependent on you and degree of burden found in your Wellness Wheel assessment. 
Roadmap to Resilient Health program:

Step 1: Clean Food, Water & Nutrient Replenishment

Step 2: Total Toxin Burden Testing, Open Drainage Pathways, Upregulate Systems

Step 3: Remove Toxins & Rebuild, Rebalance, Restore health through Resilient Lifestyle Coaching

The Roadmap to Resilient  Health Program Includes

  • Resilent Lifestyle Coaching Program
  • Detox diet plan & Food lists customized to you
  • Easy to prepare recipes 
  • 2 coaching sessions per month through treatment process
  • Limited text message support
  • 1 Total Toxin Burden Test
    • 31 Mycotoxins, 20 Heavy Metals, 39 Environmental Toxins​
  • 3-D Support for Mitochondria, Immune & Drainage Systems
  • Biofilm Removal & Antimicrobial/Antifungal Treatments
  • Personalized Binders & Detox Support 
This Program can change your life!
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