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KICK Cancer

Our KICK Cancer support focuses on reducing side effects of cancer treatment and offers alternative natural therapies to optimize recovery.


We are constantly exposed to toxins both emotional and environmental. These toxins impair cellular processes (neurotransmitter, biochemical, hormonal) in the body increasing cellular vulnerability to mutation and inflammatory attack. Great strides are being made in the arena of cancer prevention & treatment, impart due to correcting emotional disturbances, digestive imbalances, and restoring cellular health. 

Our KICK Cancer support begins with emotional and cellular restoration to strengthen your mind and immune system to fight the battle more effectively and efficiently. Removing toxic debris begins the healing process. During this time we also focus on diet and restoring nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to regulate vital chemical reactions that drive health.  As your body begins to transition from disease to wellness, we layer addition therapies to support the healing process. These therapies may include;

  • Nutrient, Galactin-3 , hs-CRP, and Toxin Burden Testing

  • Digestive Restoration ​& Parasite Treatment

  • Adrenal Rebalancing

  • Trinity Lifestyle Coaching

Are your ready to thrive again?

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There is HOPE in HEALING

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