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We have a revolutionary system to healing that works !
GUT Well Intensive Program

Our GUT Well Intensive program offers advanced clinical support post completion of Cellular Reboot program. This advanced support addresses uncleared parasites, fungus, and bacterial overgrowth and is perfect for anyone struggling with acute or chronic IBS, IBD (Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis), SIBO/IMO, GERD, & stubborn weight resistance. 

GUT Well Intensive program applies foundational principles of the Institute of Functional Medicine DIGIN model for GI Restoration to customize your treatment plan.

D: The ‘D’ stands for digestion - We restore stomach acid and digestive enzymes

I: The ‘I’ stands for intestinal permeability - We fix your leaky gut

G: The ‘G’ stands for gut microbiota - We correct microbial and fungal imbalances

I: The second ‘I’ stand for inflammation and immune - This step is included in the Roadmap to Resilient Health Program

N: The ‘N’ stands for the nervous system - We help you diminish stress levels & correct vagus nerve dysfunction

GUT Well Intensive Program Includes
  • Comprehensive Gut Analysis
  • Customized Diet Plan and Recipes
  • DNA Stool Testing + Treatment Plan
  • Trinity Coaching + Text Message Support




To learn more about gut health watch the video below. 

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