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We have a revolutionary system to healing that works !

Step 1: Wellness Wheel Assessment

The first step in the Roadmap to Resilient Health program is a Wellness Wheel Assessment.  This is a comprehensive evaluation of how your body is functioning as a whole. Over time, as habits set in and we become exposed to toxins and our cells become more fragile to sickness. This breakdown can causes a multitude of symptoms such as weight resistance, anxiety, chronic fatigue, brain fog, gut pain, and inflammation. 


We take an indepth look at:

  • Depression, Anxiety, & Stress Scales

  • Food and Water Habits

  • Work & Home Environments

  • Travel & Recreation History 

  • Medical History & Personal Care

  • Digestive Function

  • Thyroid & Hormonal Health

  • Parasites & Lyme Risk

  • Heavy Metal Exposure

  • Mitochodrial Dysfunction

  • Drainage Dysfunction Susceptibility

  • Minerals & Electrolytes

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Radioactive Elements & Mycotoxin Exposure

Upon evaluation, we set up a Wellness Wheel consultation, offer a personalized analysis and plan to restore health and remove toxicity from your body once and for all. This not a cookie cutter plan or one size fits all recommendations. Every plan is different because YOU are different and so is your body. 


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