Kameo August 2018
Unyielding passion are two words which best describe me and my dedication to your journey to get well again!

                   Hi, I'm Kameo & 

      Welcome to Cookin' Up Fitness!

Here' are a few things you can count on 

in working with me.

Together we will....

  • partner to attain your personal wellness vision

  • uncover the root cause, food(s), chemical(s), bacterial overgrowth, genetic influences that are causing your pain

  • reveal the nutritive elements in food that promote, protect, & restore you to optimal wellness

  • transform your kitchen, refrigerator, and pantry into FUN, FIT fueling stations filled with delicious foods that protect your health

  • create “simple” edible surroundings which energize your daily living

  • inspire a lifelong commitment to colorful revitalizing foods

  • customize ingredients & recipes to accommodate your needs, medical condition, food allergies & sensitives, food preferences, and budget

This is my pledge to you!


Kameo Snyder, MPH, RDN, LDN

Your Food Transformation Coach

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Virginia Beach, VA


Tel: 707.372.2387

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