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Kameo August 2018
Unyielding passion are two words which best describe me and my dedication to your journey to get well again!

                   Hi, I'm Kameo & 

      Welcome to Cookin' Up Fitness!

Here' are a few things you can count on 

in working with me.

Together we will....

  • partner to attain your personal wellness vision and health goals

  • uncover the root cause, food(s), chemical(s), heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, mold, fungal and genetic influences that are causing your pain

  • reveal the nutritive elements in food that promote, protect, & restore you to optimal wellness

  • Stand by you every step of the way!

I'm passionate about finding unique solutions to all kinds of health problems. As an RDN, I can prescribe nutraceuticals if warranted, order advanced labs, analyze the results, and perform muscle testing. As a trained functional medicine practitioner, I explore all interventions to help you achieve your wellness goals.


At Cookin' Up Fitness, we go beyond the traditional to tranform your life!" 


This is my pledge to you!


Kameo Snyder MPH, RDN, LDN, IFMCPe, CLT

Your Health Transformation Coach

© 2023 Cookin' up Fitness

Virginia Beach, VA

Tel: 707.372.2387

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