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Week 5 - HELLO Hydration

Introduction: Hydration is the single most important factor in athletic performance however, there is no single recommendation for daily fluid intake. This is related to individual differences in age, gender, health status, body composition, environmental exposure and physical activity level. A general recommendation has been published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) of 3.7 liters (L) per day (16 cups) for men and 2.7 (12 cups) for women ages 19 to 70 yo. This recommendation can be met by water, milk, 100% fruit juice, sports drinks, coffee, tea and soup. Furthermore, it is estimated that 20% of your hydration needs come from the foods you eat including fruit and vegetables. This week we will focus on how to assess individual hydration status and discuss strategies for maintaining optimal hydration during sports and physical activities.  

Background: Water is an inorganic (H2O) substance and absorbed directly by the intestines. Water provides the shape and rigidity of our cells, regulates body temperature, lubricates our joints, transports vitamins, removes waste products and is a medium for a multitude of different chemical reactions in the body. Moreover, approximately 70% of your muscles and organs are water.

Body water balance fluctuates according to urine/sweat output and waste removal. While you may believe thirst is an early sign of dehydration, it is actually a delayed response. Typically the body has already lost 1 to 2 L of water by the time you actually feel thirsty. The benefits of optimizing hydration in athletes is to heightened utilization of muscle glycogen stores, increase blood volume & flow, reduced elevation of heart rate and better maintain core body temperature. Sports drinks are often consumed before/during/after exercise to provide a steady supply of carbohydrate as fuel and to maintain or restore electrolyte balance. In this module we will provide specific recommendations for when to drink water vs. sport drink replacements.

Week Five Summary


  • Monitor personal fluid intake and assess individual hydration status

  • Review warning signs of dehydration, hydration and sport beverage guidelines

  • Develop a hydration fueling plan



  • Meet individual hydration goal


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  • Individual coaching is available upon completion of this Nutrition Training Program. Please eMail a note regarding the coaching or culinary service you are requesting.


Hello HYDRATION Detailed Instruction

This week each participant will complete 4 steps. First you will review warning signs of dehydration, assess your individual hydration status and develop of hydration fueling plan.

Week 5 Tip: Use the information in this module to assess and enhance your hydration status. As you begin to improve hydration you will discover you have more energy to move through life and perform optimally. Say good-bye cramps and Hello Hydration!

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