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Week 6 - SportFIT Cookin

Introduction: Over the past several weeks you have learned how to build a customized SportFIT nutrition plan. This was accomplished by applying a simple formula we’ve branded as the Q2F principle. The Q2F principle necessitates that the quantity of food consumed is balanced by the quality of fuel supplied and the frequency of intake. When all three Q2F principles are in proper balance, food can be utilized to meet energy demands efficiently. This week we will conclude the program by looking at the “F” in Q2F; frequency of fueling. Additionally, we will discuss how to use Macro Maps as quick guides to assess target CHO, PRO & Fat goals and provide simple strategies on how to prepare foods to boost peak performance..  

Background: In the most basic terms, metabolism is the process by which our body takes the food and beverages consumed and converts them to energy for either immediate utilization or to be used later. This is dependent on your nutritional state, fueling regimen, activity level, and health status. Typically one is in a continuous state of catabolism (breaking food to supply energy to the body) or anabolism (rebuilding to sustain life and activity). The rate and efficiency of one’s metabolism is dependent on genetics, biological needs, storage capacity, frequency of delivery and quality of fuel supplied.

Week Six Summary


  • Learn general and training specific guidelines for fueling frequency

  • Understand how to use & apply Macro Maps to your personalized nutrition plan

  • Acquire simple tips and cooking strategies to prepare and cook power foods



  • Assess and adjust fueling schedule based on guidelines and prepare 1 recipe


  • To connect with us, follow us on Instagram. Direct message (DM) us for general questions about the Nutrition Basic Training program.  .  


  • Individual coaching is available upon completion of this Nutrition Training Program. Please eMail a note regarding the coaching or culinary service you are requesting.


SportFIT Cookin Detailed Instruction

This week participants will complete 3 steps to finalize the SportFIT Nutrition Basic Training Program. First you will review simple rules for general and training specific fueling frequency. Next, you will learn how to interpret and apply a Macro Map to your SportFIT nutrition plan. Lastly, we will provide a SportFIT power food shopping list called the SportFIT Kitchen and a few quick and easy SportFIT recipes to power your performance objectives.   

Week 6 Tip: You have officially come full circle. Take time this week to think about how you might apply each element of the Q2F principle to a SportFIT lifestyle. What challenges might you face? What works and doesn’t work for you? Which facet might be most challenging for you? As you think through these questions, please contact us if you are struggling to fully implement all phases of the plan. We are here to guide your success.

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