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How it works, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .

Step 1: Complete Personal Nutrition Appraisal

Step 2: Choose a Program (see below for detailed options)

Step 3: Select Coaching Option (on the Registration Page)

  • Self-directed

  • Coach Connect Group (1 hour session)​

  • Coach Connect Private (45 minutes)


Our programs provide a hands-on instructional guide to support athletes in customizing their nutritional needs in support of individualized athletic goals.


Our programs prevent disease & restore health through nutritional training and culinary applications that are specifically designed to manage prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure & obesity.


Our programs create a food fit lifestyle while enhancing culinary skill to produce food that boosts energy, reduces fatigue, supports health and prevents disease.


Our programs provide specific nutrition strategies to maximize brain health & fitness, enhance cognitive functioning, heighten intellectual sharpness & improve mood.

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